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Wedding Planning – Wedding Cake Designs

There are many tasks in wedding planning that provide a chance to exercise creativity. Decorations, music, favors and more let the wedding planner show her stuff. But the wedding cake, literally and metaphorically, tops them all.


Much of that creativity comes, of course, from the wedding cake caterer. But the wedding planner can have a lot of input to the process. Just as a builder may exhibit many innovations, it is still the architect who creates the overall design.


When planning your wedding, and the wedding cake in particular, it is possible to delegate that responsibility entirely. But then you get what you get. Sometimes that’s good. Not everyone’s expertise is in that area. But providing input into what you like will help increase the odds of getting what you want.





Many designs start from the traditional recessed stacked circular layers. Even within that constraint there are lots of options. A cherry frosting shaped like ribbons and decorated with multi-colored edible confetti can display just the right touch of festiveness. Or, a delicate white, with faux-roses sprouting from the rim at each level, can project the perfect air of love.


Others break the mold right from the start.


A large single-layer cake can easily provide a piece to a dozen or more guests. Restricting the design to this level doesn’t unduly restrict the design choices, though.


A strawberry frosted heart-shape can be just the thing to symbolize the love that is formalized on this day. A large cube, covered with candy flowers and wrapped with a frosting bow to resemble a gift is another perfect creation.



Any of these designs can be topped with the traditional bride and groom figures. The placement doesn’t have to be at the very pinnacle, though, as in traditional designs.


On the ‘gift’ design, the couple can easily be nestled in the bow, as if enjoying their honeymoon. They can be leaning back on a ‘rock’ and kissing on the heart-shaped option. Even on the standard circular layers an alternative placement can make for a great, well, alternative. They might be jointly climbing to the top like mountain climbers, secured to one another with the safety ropes of mutual commitment.


A design can be fun or serious, romantic or playful. After all, the marriage will hopefully incorporate all these aspects and more. Why shouldn’t the cake? One thing that any good wedding cake will have for sure, though, is this: it will be unique. Just like the couple getting married.




Unity Candles are a Wonderful Wedding Tradition

Unity candles are a huge wedding tradition that is seen in most wedding ceremonies. It has become increasingly popular in recent generations. The unity candle may symbolize different things for different types of ceremonies. In some cases there is one unity candle while in other ceremonies there are three. 


A single unity candle is used in a ceremony to symbolize the uniting of the bride and groom. The unity candle is lit during a special portion of the wedding ceremony together by the bride and groom. It symbolizes, in most ceremonies, the friendship, loyalty, and love that is shared and will be honored by the newly married couple. 


In cases where there are three unity candles, the families of the bride and groom are included in the lighting of the unity candles. Typically in wedding ceremonies, the mother of the bride will light one candle, and the mother of the groom will light another candle before the entry of the bride. The lighting of these two candles symbolizes the joining of two families together. The bride and groom then light their unity candle during the ceremony. 


The unity candle lit by the married couple will be kept for years to come. On every anniversary, the couple will again light the candle to reinforce and even strengthen the vows made on the wedding day. By lighting the candle, the couple may also remember the beautiful day when they were joined in matrimony. 


Unity candles are wonderful wedding tradition. It is a special, symbolic moment, both for the families, and the married couple. During the lighting of the candles, the families, and the bride and groom are given a moment to ponder the uniting of the new family and their new lives together. And the couple has a cherished part of their wedding ceremony to keep for their future.



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How To Pick Wedding Favors

Can’t decide on wedding favors for your wedding? There are so many kinds of wedding favors you could have – from something handmade to simple flowers to very intricate, personalized wedding favors. And everything in-between.


Some brides pick the favors to reflect the wedding and its theme. Others like to match the colors of the wedding to the favors. Yes, there are some who want something simple and personalized, for their guests to remember the wedding date.


We have put together some ideas for you to come up with wedding favors for your wedding:


– Would You Like To Make Them Yourself? Some brides love making things themselves. If that is you, and you don’t have too many guests coming to the wedding, you may want to create something yourself.


On the other hand, if you don’t make things yourself, now is not the time to start. It would be better to buy simple favors, instead of spending your valuable time on learning how to make them.


– Do You Want Them To Match Your Wedding Theme? Pick something that will match your wedding theme. For example, if you are wearing a princess wedding dress, and your whole wedding is designed around a fairy tale theme, picking wedding favors that reflect the fairy tale theme as well would be the most appropriate.


– Personalized Wedding Favors are also very popular. Get your favors personalized with your names, the wedding date, the location, etc.


– Simple Favors. Sometimes you want to have favors, but you want something very simple. In that case, you might want to just buy items that you could use as favors – simple candles or flowers come to mind.


– Seeds. We love seeds as wedding favors – they symbolize the beginning of your new family, and your guests will be able to use the favors! Give them seed packets with seeds that they can plant, a favor like this will definitely be used.


Enjoy finding the perfect favors for your wedding!



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How to Save Money While Planning Your Dream Wedding

Believe it or not, you can plan a wedding without throwing yourself and your families into debt for the next decade.  I am going to give you a few suggestions and guidelines to make this possible without having to cut corners.  All it takes is a little discipline and the willingness to stick to a budget.


The first thing that you can do is make a list of things that are “required” in planning a wedding. This includes your dress, his tux, guests, a cake, flowers, decorations for the reception, food, music, drinks, photographers, and whatever else you feel are the bare essentials.  Then sit down with your fiancé and decide on the five most important things on this list.  This is where you can splurge a bit.  Five may sound like a very small number, but there are an awfully lot of decisions that need to be made while wedding planning, even if you’re keeping it simple.  If you can identify the five most important things before you start, it will keep you from letting all the “minor details” get out of control.  Trust me, things can easily snowball if you don’t have a solid plan before you set yourself free into the world of wedding planning.


Your fist assumption may be that a wedding planner is out of the question.  In many cases this is true.  But don’t rule them out until you have talked with a few of them.  He or she may be able to give some great suggestions on how you can stick to your budget.  Once you start your planning, you will quickly see that it’s a little overwhelming.  There are literally hundreds of photographers, pastry chefs, and florists in every city.  It may help you to work with someone that knows the ropes and can help you find the companies with the highest quality work at the most reasonable prices.


Another thing that can help you pinch pennies is to plan your wedding during the off-season.  The most popular months for weddings are May through October.  Most venues will lower their prices during the months that are slower so that they can fill their calendars.  Ask for the price list for the entire year and also find out the dates that they have open so that you know what you have to work with.  It’s never good news to set your heart on a date, only to find out that it’s booked.


Destination weddings are a great way to save on your big day.  It may not sound like a possibility, but when researching my wedding, I was absolutely amazed with what I found.  There are tons of places that offer package deals on weddings.  You can get discounted rooms in spectacular resorts if you plan to hold your wedding on their property.  They have really incredible settings. You can get married on the beach, in a pretty gazebo, next to a waterfall, or even on an inactive volcano in a beautiful national park!  The sky is the limit if you’re open to traveling.  And most of these places are all-inclusive, so you also get meals, drinks and entertainment.  You may even decide to stay right where you are for your honeymoon.


Keep your eye out for “Off The Rack” sales, you can get dresses that are normally very expensive at highly discounted prices because a few brides have merely tried them on for size. You may need to get it dry cleaned just to be sure, but even if you need to have it altered, you’d have to even if you ordered it in your size. Another option is to wear your mother’s or your grandmother’s dress.  You could have a few alterations made for the perfect fit or to update it a little.  You could also choose to go with a dress that would normally be considered a bridesmaids’ dress.  There are a lot of websites on the Internet that have dresses in myriads of colors.  But you can change the colors right on the photo.  It is so much fun to see what they look like in white or ivory; all you do is point to the color and click. Although, I would not recommend ordering anything before you try it on, you may not be able to return it.  Call around to bridal shops in your area and see if they carry the style, then go and try it on.  Sometimes they look very, very different in the photographs. In the long run, this could cut hundreds or even thousands out of your budget. Don’t forget, you’re only going to wear your dress once.  You can get all of your finishing touches on sale too, like Swarovski bridal jewelry or Swarovski hair pieces.


This next tip may be the biggest, and possibly the hardest of them all.  Cut down on the guest list.  You could do this in a few ways, I once attended a wedding where they had quite a few people at the ceremony and only a few at dinner, but later opened it up to everyone again, for drinks and dancing.  You could also have a very small, formal ceremony and reception dinner for very close family and friends and follow it with a very relaxed and informal pig roast and picnic the following day.  Whatever suits you will be fine, but I have to admit through experience that this is the part that took the most discipline.


There are a few ways to save at the reception, you may consider finding a place to hold your reception that will allow you to bring your own liquor and then all you need to do is hire a few people to tend the bar.  You may not wish to serve a three or four course meal.  Buffets are very acceptable ways to keep your guests happy and still save a significant amount of money.  Another nice thing to do is have a dessert only reception, or you could cater the whole thing yourself and have your families prepare their favorite dishes.


And last but certainly not least, DIY, DIY, DIY.  There are a lot of very simple things that you can do yourself that can easily be as beautiful as purchasing everything for your wedding. You would be surprised at how little time it will take you and the unbelievable difference in the balance of your checkbook.  Make the decorations on the table out of hurricanes with glass gems in the bottom of water with a floating candle on top.  You could even add a goldfish or two if you like!  You could ask your family members to lend you their favorite crystal and set them around on the tables with scattered rose petals and votive candles among them to make very inexpensive, yet elegant centerpieces.  You can also make your own invitations.  There are a lot of companies that sell software that will provide you with pretty graphics, fonts, and techniques to make them flawless.  The Internet is a great resource that will help you come up with endless ideas and the tips to make them a reality.


The best tip that I have for everyone that is planning a wedding:  It is a wedding, which means that if you go home on that day and you are married to the person that you love, then your mission has been accomplished.  All of these other things are merely details. The wedding is only the first day; it’s having a good marriage that is really important.  Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed with all of this, just have fun and enjoy your day.



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Maid Of Honor’s Role In A Wedding

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]You should be able to find several indispensable facts about weddings in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make. 


The role that the maid of honor plays in the wedding depends largely on how much responsibility she is willing to take on and also how much responsibility the bride is willing to delegate. In general the maid of honor was chosen because she is one of the bride’s closest friend and her duties as a maid of honor do not differ that much from her duties as a friend. The role of the maid of honor is not to simply walk down the aisle ahead of the bride and stand beside her during the ceremony; she also is one of the most supportive assistants to the bride during the wedding preparations. Although there are some responsibilities that she takes on such as hosting the bridal shower and bachelorette party and helping to choose the bridesmaid’s dresses, she is also just there to be supportive of the bride and to be a friend and confidant and to help her in any way possible. 


Hosting the bridal shower and the bachelorette party are two of the main responsibilities of the maid of honor. Since the maid of honor is probably one of the bride’s closest friends it stands to reason that the maid of honor is the ideal candidate to host these two gatherings. It is the maid of honor who will know best what type of party the bride is looking forward to, what she will enjoy and what types of gifts are most appropriate for the bride’s taste. The bridal shower and bachelorette party are also typically parts of the wedding preparations that the bride does not have any direct control over but she usually does not stress about these activities because she has faith that her maid of honor will hold her best interests in mind when planning these parties. 


The maid of honor also plays a large role in choosing dresses for the wedding. The maid of honor typically chooses her own dress for the wedding from a selection provided by the bride. Once the color and style of the maid of honor’s dress has been established, the maid of honor works closely with the bride to choose a style and color of dress for the bridesmaids that will look good on each of the bridesmaids and also complement the maid of honor’s dress. The maid of honor also plays a role in assisting the bride in choosing her own wedding dress. While there may be many other friends and relatives who shop with the bride for her dress, it is the opinion of the maid of honor that is generally most valued by the bride. 


The wedding day is a very busy day for a maid of honor. Although she has supported the bride throughout the planning process, her most important responsibilities take place on the actual wedding day. Besides simply walking down the aisle and standing on the altar beside her friend the most important roles that the maid of honor plays is to keep the bride calm and to handle and problems that may arise. Very few weddings actually go exactly as planned and it is the maid of honor’s job to make sure that small setbacks do not unnerve the bride. The maid of honor should also have a stash of emergency supplies on hand such as extra stockings, lipstick in the shade the bride is wearing, tissues, safety pins and hair pins. All of these items can come in handy if the bride has any trouble with her attire, hair or makeup. The maid of honor plays the important role of ensuring that the bride is looking her best even after hours of dancing and talking to friends and family members. 


Perhaps the most significant role that the maid of honor plays is to be a friend to the bride. The planning and preparations and the actual wedding itself can be very stressful and emotional for the bride. The one thing that the bride needs more than anything else at this time is someone to talk to who will understand her concerns and give her practical advice and this is the most important job of the maid of honor. 


The maid of honor plays a much more important role than just walking down the aisle before the bride and holding her flowers during the ceremony. Throughout the planning the maid of honor is involved every step of the way from choosing a dress and location to helping to wrap favors and set up for the reception. As the bride’s best friend the most important role the maid of honor can play is to be supportive and understanding of the bride. 


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5 Ways To Capture Your Wedding Moments Forever

As far back as a girl can remember, she dreams of her wedding day. She imagines – to every last detail – things like: what type of wedding dress she will wear, what color the bridesmaids’ dresses will be and even more importantly, who that perfect man will be who becomes her husband. When that day finally arrives, it is the most important day of the bride’s life – a day she wants to look back on with fond memories for years to come. For more and more brides, one of the most perfect ways to capture their wedding is to create an Instant Photo Guest Book similar to the one created by Adesso Albums. Having such a keepsake, scrapbook or photo album to open up and share with your spouse, family and friends is the best way to capture the wedding day’s memory forever.


Instant Photo Guest Books are a unique “marriage” of a photo album and a guest book. To create a photo guest book at a wedding, simply take Polaroid pictures, slip them into your guest book and have the guests write their personalized messages to you the bride and your groom on the guest book pages. This will capture your wedding event instantly in pictures and words and you won’t even have to wait weeks to get your photographs returned from your wedding photographer.  You’ll be able to enjoy it as soon as it’s over.  However, the beauty of these keepsake albums is that it can be used for all parts of your wedding event: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and even the honeymoon.


Here are 5 other great ideas to capture your wedding moments:


1. Wish Bowl


Here’s an idea, that won’t even cost you a dime. The purpose of a wedding Wish Bowl is to provide an opportunity for guests to wish good fortunes to follow the Bride and Groom wherever they go. The idea is to have your guests write their wishes for love and life on little slips of paper and place them into a crystal or decorative glass bowl or vase. You don’t even have to buy one if you have a nice vase or bowl at home already. For a more formal presentation, the slips of paper can be placed into little matching wedding stationary envelopes. The stationary paper and envelopes should match the Bride’s color theme and/or wedding stationary. After the wedding events are over, the notes can be read and placed into a wedding album or scrapbook while the bowl or vase can be used for the home or decoration.   


2. Wish Tree


The Wish Tree theme, similar to the Wish Bowl, is for guests at the wedding to write down their wishes for love and life to the Bride and Groom – except instead of the bowl, a tree is used to collect the wishes. There are many types of Wish Trees – your can purchase metal ones, or fashion your own using blooming branches from a garden or florist, or even use a live potted plant such as a fichus tree. Gift boxes can be hung from the tree of your choice and your guests can take a box off the tree in exchange for their wishes. After the wedding events are over, the wishes can be taken off the tree and placed in a keepsake box, scrapbook or album.


3. Signature Platter


Wedding Signature Platters or plates make a unique alternative to traditional wedding guest books. The platter can be plain, decorative or even custom designed and ordered online or from a wedding stationary store. Guests simply sign the platter during the wedding event with a special ceramic marker and after the wedding events are over, the platter is fired in your home oven. The special signature platter can be used for serving favorite dishes at future dinner parties as husband and wife or just as a decorative memento of the special gathering.  


4. Framed Signature Mat


Similar to the Signature Platter, the Signature Mat is another alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. A photo of the Bride and Groom – often a “before” wedding photo (like an engagement photo) – is placed in an acid free matte and mounted either on an easel or table in the entry area of the wedding reception. Guests sign their name and well wishes to the Bride and Groom on the mat surrounding the picture. The Signature Mat is then framed for the newlywed’s new home. The “before wedding” photo can be replaced with a wedding photo of the couple before framing.


5. Typewriter Guest Book


The Typewriter Guest Book is Martha Stewart’s latest discovery for a guest book alternative. Look for an old-fashioned, inexpensive typewriter either online, from a flea market or thrift shop   but make SURE it works – and set it out on a table in the entry area of the wedding reception. Load the typewriter with long sheets of paper for guests to type in good wishes to the Bride and Groom along with their name and any sentiment that comes to mind. After the wedding, the page can be tied into a scroll with ribbon or framed along with pictures taken at the wedding.


The above 5 unique ways to capture your wedding moments will help you and your loved ones relive your wedding memories over and over again.



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