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Travel Registries: The Latest Trend for Wedding Gifts

These days, chances are that betrothed couples already have all of the blenders, towels, dishes, silverware, and other household items they need. With the swing toward men and women getting married later in life, most couples either have individual homes that they’ll combine once they’re married, or they have been building their own trousseau while living together. Because they’re often footing the bill for all or part of their wedding, the one thing couples don’t have is money for the honeymoon of their dreams. That’s why the latest trend in bridal registries is the honeymoon travel registry.


Perhaps a couple wants to go on a cruise, vacation in Europe, or enjoy a Disney vacation. They may dream of four-star hotel accommodations or flying first class on their favorite airline. Whatever their fantasy honeymoon, more and more couples are opting to register with an online travel agency.


With a bridal travel registry, the couple can have their dream honeymoon while wedding guests can be assured that their gifts will combine to form memories that will last a lifetime. And, the process of both registering and giving is easy and straightforward.


Essentially, a honeymoon bridal registry allows the couple to set up a personal registry web page. If the couple already knows their honeymoon destination, they can reveal that on their web page and select items to include in their gift registry. For example, if the couple is traveling to Hawaii for their honeymoon, they may decide they’d like to go to a Hawaiian luau and list two luaus (one for the bride and one for the groom) in their registry. They may also select a romantic candlelight dinner, breakfast in bed, and a hotel room upgrade. They can include entertainment and activities, such as scuba diving lessons, a helicopter ride, horseback riding, and snorkeling. The couple can even add travel items like inter-island flights, limousine service, and a rental car. 


Similarly, if the bride and groom have decided that London is their destination of choice, they can include an English afternoon tea in their travel registry, dinner for two at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, a medieval banquet, and a Harrods’ shopping spree. Perhaps they would like tickets to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London theatre tickets, or a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. If so, they can add those items to their travel registry as well. 


For wedding guests, a honeymoon travel registry makes it easy to find a personal, yet remarkable gift. Giving a sunset cruise, for example, is much more memorable than a set of mixing bowls. Gift givers can even opt to send the couple a customized gift card, or print one out and bring it to the wedding. 


A honeymoon signifies the beginning of a couple’s life together, and is a welcome relief from the stresses of planning their wedding. Having a honeymoon travel registry can help make the couple’s dreams come true and give them memories to last a lifetime.


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Be Prepared For Wedding Emergencies

Having a little bag that you can carry (or have someone in the bridal party carry) with you throughout the wedding day can keep you from worrying about things that may happen, and dealing with them when they do.





Although everyone is feeling wonderful on the wedding day, it’s amazing what a few nerves can do to the body. Headaches, upset stomachs, and dizziness can all rear their ugly heads right when you are feeling the most pressure.


And that’s not just the couple.


You may want to keep on hand a few things to keep everyone feeling good, or at least keep them upright throughout the ceremony. A chewable or liquid antacid is a great way to calm any nervous stomachs. Crackers and ginger ale are good though too. For headaches, you can keep some acetaminophen on hand. This is usually gentler on the stomach than ibuprofen, and can be taken without food.


If the bride or bridesmaids should feel dizzy, then have them immediately sit down. Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things low blood sugar, nerves, and more serious conditions. If the bride or groom should faint, smelling salts can help to revive them.


Bandaids are good too for sore feet in too tight of shoes.


Beauty fixes


For the women, you may want to have a few beauty tools to keep everyone looking their best. Spare lip gloss and balm are good to keep the lips looking good. A translucent face powder will keep the nose and forehead from shining. Always keep a small bottle of clear nail polish as well. This is good for fixing rhinestones that have fallen off dresses to sealing tears in stockings.


A small brush and mirror can also help, while hair spray and extra deodorant are also nice to have on hand. Bobby pins can help most hair crises, but a curling iron can be an asset too.




It’s amazing what you may need and never think of. For example, did you think to bring extra straight pins for the corsages or in case the bouquets fell apart? A small sewing kit is good to in order to fix up any small emergencies.


Stain remover and chalk are also good to have on hand. If there should be any stains that need removing, the stain remover is there. If there’s something on the bride’s dress, then you can lightly cover it with the chalk it works great and won’t hurt the dress.